Here at Sunnyside Automotive, we're committed to doing our part to keep the environment clean.  We practice environmentally friendly recycling of all of our used automotive fluids and products.  So it makes sense that we offer our customers some of the best alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel.  Biodiesel and greasel are much cleaner burning fuels that are even better for your engine than today's conventional fuels.  What's greasel you ask?  Greasel is a slang term for vegetable oil.  That's right, your diesel can run on French fry oil, new or even used.



What we offer:
  Biodiesel Conversions
Installation of custom made or pre-fab kits
  Greasel Conversions
Installation of custom made or pre-fab kits
  Diesel, greasel, and bio-diesel fuel injection cleaning
Greatly reduces turbo lag and restores peak pressure
Increases HP and torque throughout the RPM range to improve fuel leakage
Removes carbon from the combustion chamber to increase injector life
Cleans injector pumps by dissolving harmful deposits to slowly extend the life of the pump
System will service cars or trucks up to 750 HP

See our Photo Gallery for examples of our work.