We are committed to providing our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. We will always strive to increase the level of service to our clients. You'll save in two big ways:

  1. The base rate at most dealer ships is $110.00/hr. We charge way less than that! At $85.00/hr for your first visit. And you take your car to an ASE certified shop where you know the work is being done right and it's backed by a written warranty. No gimmicks, you'll SAVE BIG ON LABOR.
  2. I'll sell you the parts at my cost. I'll sell you the first part at my cost. (First time customers.) I have a commercial account at three local parts houses. Most shops have a huge mark-up on parts but you can keep that money in your pocket. I receive the top discount at all three major parts houses! Call me for a quote on parts that no one can beat! No gimmicks, you'll SAVE BIG ON PARTS!
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Tune up and engine performance inspections. Drive belts, filters, hoses, and fluid replacement.  Manufacturers recommend - 30K, 60K, 90K mileage maintenance services. We use all OEM or better parts. Learn more

Wheels and Tires
• Tire mounting and balancing
• Tire repair

Bio-diesel Conversion
Learn more

Engine and Drivetrain
Our guys are the best at engine, transmission, driveline, and drive axle service/repair. We also do 4-wheel drive and transfer case repair.  Engine oil, coolant leaks, and engine drivability problems.

Cooling Systems
• Inspect and repair coolant leaks
• Cooling system flushes using Robin Air Equipment
• Radiator and cap repair/replacement
• Water pump, fan, and thermostat - inspection and repair

Emissions and Exhaust
DEQ inspections and repair are NO problem, we replace or advise you on catalytic converter problems. Custom built catalytic converters, H-pipes, and Snap-On 5-gas emissions tuning. We have a state-of-the-art exhaust equipment and can custom build any type of exhaust system from cars to large trucks. We can also order next-day OEM pipes, mufflers, and catalytic converters. Learn more

Powertrain Management
• Tune up and engine performance
• Computer and control system inspection and repair
• Fuel delivery and air induction inspection and repair
• Ignition system (plugs, coil, cap, rotor, etc) inspection and repair

Brakes and Traction Control
• Inspection and repair of front and rear brakes on today's complex vehicles
• Repair and maintenance of anti-lock brake systems
Using Snap-On diagnostics, we are able to repair today's complex ABS and traction control needs

Starting and Charging Systems
• Complete repair and inspections of battery, starter, and charging systems

Steering and Suspension
• Repair and replacement of steering systems, ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings etc
• Installation of shocks and struts to improve the ride of your vehicle

Heating and Air Conditioning
• Heater core replacement
• Air conditioner charging and repair
From keeping your vehicle warm in the winter to cool in the summer, we can take care of that.


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